Outline of the Sinological Society of Japan

1. [Aim and Character]

The aim of the Society is to promote the study of disciplines relating to China, and it is a nationwide umbrella society made up of people engaged chiefly in the study of Chinese philosophy, Chinese literature, and the Chinese language.

2. [Establishment]

The Society was established in October 1949 and celebrated its fiftieth an- niversary in 1999.

3. [Membership]

At the time of its establishment the Society had 246 members; in 2000 its membership was made up of 2,056 individuals and 61 institutions.

4. [Activities]

(a) The sponsorship of an annual academic conference.

(b) The annual publication of the Bulletin of the Sinological Society of Japan; No. 52 was published in 2000.

(c) The biannual publication of a newsletter, providing members with reports on the Society's affairs and other necessary information.

(d) The selection of recipients of the Sinological Society of Japan Prize, inaugurated in 1969 with an endowment by the late Mr. OKUNO Shintaro. Because the prize is intended as an incentive, awardees are generally restricted to those forty years of age and under. Usually two awardees, one in the field of philosophy and the other in the field of literature and language, are selected chiefly on the basis of articles published in the Bulletin of the Sinological Society of Japan, and the prizes are presented at the plenary session of the annual conference.

(e) The provision of academic assistance to members.

(f) The maintenance of contacts with overseas academic organizations related to China.

5. [How to Join]

Upon having been nominated by either an ordinary member or an overseas member, the applicant's application is considered by the Board of Directors and accepted after final approval by the Board of Councillors.

6. [Fees]

Seven thousand (7,000) yen annually, to be paid at the start of the year; in the case of foreign students studying in Japan (postgraduate students of foreign nationality at Japanese universities) the fee is five thousand (5,000) yen.

7. For further details, reference should be made to "Articles of the Sinological Society of Japan."