The Sinological Society of Japan Chairman of the Board of Directors:
(2015 - 2016)
Kenjiro Tsuchida


The Sinological Society of Japan is a representative group of researchers and scholars working on China studies in Japan. Chinese thoughts and philosophy, literature, linguistics and works in Chinese by Japanese (Kangaku) are the main subjects of research for many members, though we have no small number of associates who are working on the other fields of Chinese studies, like history and art. In addition, the investigation on the cultural alliance between China and Japan has increased in number in recent years. There has also been a growing interest in the mass media, public entertainment and performing art in modern China amongst our members. Under these circumstances, our society would take up more ranging varieties of subjects in coming future.

It was on October in 1949 when our society was established, with only 246 associates. The number of the membership has increased to around 2,000 by now (June, 2015). Many researchers and scholars have joined us from Hokkaido to Okinawa, and there are quite a few oversea members as well.

The main activities of our society are the annual academic conference held on every October and the annual publication of gThe Bulletin of Sinological Society of Japanh. Also, we send the list of members which is renovated every year, and the newsletter including reports of the conference as well as academic information at home and abroad which is released twice a year. Furthermore, we have the selection of the Society Prize so to encourage new and young researchers. Indeed, we have already held the symposiums in which new and young scholars played the central rolls, twice.

Our society has been, is and will be an association for academic studies in strict sense. Therefore, we will never been influenced by political or economical relationship between China and Japan. Although each one might have his or her own thoughts and believes, every member shares the sense of solidarity as a fellow worker on Chinese Studies. Under these circumstances, discussions and exchanges of academic opinions and information are proceeding quite energetically among us.

We sincerely appreciate and welcome researchers working on various fields of China studies to join us. Letfs explore, expand and deepen China studies together with us!

1st of June, 2015

Additional Remarks: You can apply for the membership by filling the application form and sending it by post. The form can be downloaded from the following URL . All applicants are required to be introduced by a member of the society. All the application forms need to be approved by the board of directors and the council. Gone through such procedures, you will be a member of our society.